What i do

I'm an accomplished Sound Designer based in Los Angeles, with over 20 years of experience in Film, Television, Social, and Games, I am highly skilled in organizing and producing artistically dynamic soundscapes. My passion lies in making clients happy with emotive and impactful soundtracks that captivate and move audiences. From spine-tingling thrills to heart-pumping excitement. I've done it all. My work brings a powerful and immersive audio experience to viewers and gamers around the globe.  

Sound Design

Custom Design and Editorial for Trailers, Shows and Games from original recordings or from my massive 400,000 sound FX Library.

Editing and Prelay

Mix preperation, Dialog restoration, Music editing, Conforming, Fixing it right.


Dramatic loudness compliant mixing for Televison and Social


Editiorial, Mix monitioring and QC




Years in Hollywood


Thousand Sound Effects


Television Episodes

My Original Sound Design and Music Libraries

Published AND HEARD around the world

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